Win a years supply: If you submit the winning flavour you will automatically be entered into the random prize draw to win a years supply of the new flavour.

One overall winner drawn at random will win a year’s supply. This will consist of 12 cases (one case per month) and this will be sent to the winner in February 2019 in line with the launch of the new flavour.

Winning entrant must be able to provide proof of age upon request.

We promise to review all the flavours submitted, no matter how crazy, however there is no guarantee that your submission will be selected.

Global Brands takes its role as a responsible retailer seriously and as a co-signatory of the Portman Group’s Alcohol Marketing Code of Practice we ensure we always work in line with their industry standards. We felt that Bubble-gum as a flavour and name would overly appeal to children and u.18s and so felt it necessary to remove it from the final four flavours one of which would eventually become part of VK range. If you submitted Bubble-gum you will automatically be entered into the winning flavour prize draw at the end of the campaign.