VK Rewarded Campaign


The VK Rewarded campaign is like no other. Our aim is to reward loyal VK fans with much-loved merch for going above and beyond and showcasing their dedication to the liquid gold in the most innovative way possible – and on a public scale.

No longer is sending us
love notes via DMs enough

We want you to tell (and show) the world what VK means to you.
And our expectations are high.

So far, we’ve been serenaded with songs, had poems dedicated to us, taken pride of place in videos, and even been taken out for dinner. So if you think you can do one better, we want to hear from you!

Just upload your creation to social media and Tag us in it. If we think it’s merch-worthy, we’ll send some goodies your way!

Phone Cases

Topical, Blue and Orange and passion fruit



Available in; Blue, Black and Red



Sticker Pack


VK Stock